Inclusive Laser poker analyzer system device

One to one laser poker analyzer is one of best anti-poker cheating devices in our company. It is popular among the most of poker players and magicians. We got lots of feedback from the customers who used this poker analyzer system and advised that the device is very easy for using.
Poker analyzer one to one is newest device which can set different poker games. Like the Texas holdem, Omaha, Blackjack, Seka,…
The most important thing is that the signal is exclusively, which means other people with the spy earpiece, cannot get the winner signal result from your device. You will be the only one who get the signal.
For the basic function, it is same as our other poker analyzer as it needs to input the same setting codes in poker game. If someone ask how to cheat at Texas Holdem with a partner? You should learn how this playing cards cheating devices works.
About this one to one laser poker analyzer, it has a external built-in voice so that you don’t need to install the external speaker when you playing the game at home. When you play in another formal place, you can wear the spy earpiece or the vibrator to receive the best hand result. The device also has inside playing cards scanner, and it can also connect with the external poker camera when you need in different situation.
The poker scanning system signal can reach around 5 meters, it is kind of wide range signal transfer. For the speed of cheating camera to scan the barcode cards is as fast as within 0.1 second, which reach the highest poker cheating techniques.
The device comes to 4 colors, like white, black, silver and dark blue. We also can custom the different color for you if you need.
While how to operate this smart poker analyzer device? In the first instance you need to know which kind of poker game you play. The second step is inputting the codes which is just for casino or Texas Hold’em or other poker games. Then turn the screen which to read the marking barcode image on. Finally you need to turn the camera lens to scan the edge bar-codes marked playing cards on as well as put the deck of cards on the correct position, so that the poker analyzer can analyze the markings on the decks and report you who is the winner.

  • One to one laser poker cheat analyzer system device


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